Funny Tea Party Signs

Outrageous Tea Party Tax Signs And The Perverted Fools That Carry
Outrageous Tea Party Tax Signs and the Perverted Fools That Carry Them . From Denny: This past week the Tea Party was out in full force doing their usual antics. Many thought they could spell and make awesome political statements most profound on their signs. Yes, folks, these people were actually caught in public wielding these idiot signs no self-respecting orangutan would venture. I know animals at the…
Funny Political Protest Signs
Funny Political Protest Signs . A gallery of funny political protest signs, featuring both clever slogans and unintentionally funny displays of idiocy.
Funny Tea Party Signs
Funny Tea Party Signs . The best fake Tea Party Signs at Tea Party Protest in Boston Commons.
America's Sacrifice  How The Usa Saved Popular Culture By Avoiding
America's Sacrifice: How the USA Saved Popular Culture by Avoiding the Metric System . How deep is your love ... in meters?
Tea Party SignsEvil Slutopia  Tea Party Protest Signs  Bad, Worse, & Ugly
Evil Slutopia: Tea Party Protest Signs: Bad, Worse, & Ugly.
Tea Party Protest  Daily Show   Colbert
Tea Party Protest: Daily show / Colbert . We went to the Tea Party Protest to find out what is Tea Bagging? A group of patriotic Americans took to the streets April 15th, 2009 to protest something, w...

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